Nizar Baraka Department Launches Citizen Awareness Campaign

Morocco is going through a period of critical drought which has caused significant water stress. Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Equipment and Water is launching a major campaign to raise public awareness of the need to save water and the simple things to do to properly consume this important natural resource.

Raising awareness and providing information on simple actions to save water is the aim of the campaign launched by the department of Nizar Baraka to deal with the water stress experienced by the Kingdom.

The public awareness campaign on the savings to be made on the consumption of drinking water will thus take several forms, said the Ministry of Equipment and Water in a press release.

Thus, the first axis will consist in fighting against the waste of water in the current situations of daily life and to raise awareness of the costs for Moroccan households on their water bill of this waste.

The ministry recalls in this sense that a simple leak from a flush can consume up to 220,000 liters of drinking water per year with a cost of more than 1,900 dirhams on the annual water bill, while the weekly car wash at great water » consumes up to 260,000 liters of water per year with a cost of more than 2,300 dirhams on the annual water bill.

For the second axis of this awareness campaign, it will highlight simple gestures and good habits in terms of saving drinking water.

Among its actions, the ministry highlights the installation of ” foamers which cost only a few dirhams and save up to 50% of its consumption on taps, washing dishes daily in a container rather than letting water run from the tap, up to 80 % water saving. Or, on the simple way to check its installation to detect if there are no leaks, underlines the same source.

As for the third axis of this campaign, it will consist in promoting the ” good practices by certain economic players who have become aware of the urgent need to save water.

Good practices in agriculture, industry, tourist activities, but also local communities and in the administration will serve as example values ​​to work to raise awareness of the need to protect this common good which is water. “, supports the ministry.

Thus, the department of Nizar Baraka intends to deploy this broad awareness campaign on national television and social networks in the next two months with the aim of reaching all parts of the population.

On this occasion, Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, recalled that beyond the many short and medium term measures, which have been implemented by the ministry to guarantee the supply of the populations in drinking water, informing, educating and raising the awareness of the various publics have a great role to play so that water is truly a common good available and accessible to all. Saving water becomes an act of citizenship and national solidarity “, he argued.



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