NGO takes action to clean earthquake-affected Al Haouz douars

NGO takes action to clean earthquake-affected Al Haouz douars

The earthquake-affected communities and douars surrounding the Al Haouz area will be cleaned up by the Moroccan NGO Bahri, in an initiative to applaud as it will assist in maintaining a healthy ecology and stop pollution from becoming another issue in a time of need.

In a statement shared on socials, Bahri’s founder, Saad Abid said “The priority is the Amizmiz camp, where 12,000 people have been housed, and waste problems will soon become a serious hygiene problem.

The start of this initiative will begin with a departure from Route d’El Jadida, scheduled for Wednesday, September 20 at 6 a.m., returning the same day at around 11 p.m.

Association Bahri will cover the cost of travel from Casa to Amizmiz and back for all volunteers and will provide cleaning equipment such as gloves and bags as well as water.

Volunteers are advised to bring their lunch.

“We need 200 volunteers, so please spread the word if you know volunteers from universities or companies,” said Bahri.

Two young coastal enthusiasts founded the organization in October 2010 intending to halt the deterioration of Casablanca beaches. About a dozen volunteers are working for the Bahri association, and each operation draws hundreds of people.

Abid, who is an environment protection activist, has been a leading force behind clean-up campaigns that Moroccan fans have been organizing in World Cup games.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, Abdid said that when the earthquake first hit Morocco, “we knew that the main goal was to provide help in terms of saving lives, providing food and water. We knew that the road was going to be jammed.”

As Bahri’s founder, Abid declared his association used to organize hundreds of cleanup campaigns from which comes strong expertise in conducting such endeavors.

“We didn’t want to leave the trash there knowing that it would get burned. The local authorities permitted us, and the urgency now is in the Amzmiz camp,” he explained.

While the initiative will begin tomorrow, a larger cleanup will be held in October, in many douars simultaneously, as Bahri will continue to work closely with authorities to take care of the trash.

The organization is calling on volunteers, asking for confirmation emails to deploy all these efforts into preserving the now-damaged Al Haouz area from having pollution as another of its problems.


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