Newly established public donation law prevents misuse of humanitarian aid for personal gain

Newly established public donation law prevents misuse of humanitarian aid for personal gain

Concerns have raised that there might have been manipulations in the massive aid that Moroccans provided to the impacted areas due to the frequency of calls confirming that not all isolated communities were reached.

The Moroccan government recently implemented Law No. 18.18, which governs the procedures for soliciting public donations and administering help for charitable purposes.

This is due to the widespread significant involvement in raising money and supplies for the quake victims in the Al Haouz, Chichaoua, and Taroudant districts.

Human rights advocate and legal expert Chakib El Khiyari noted that the new law permits “donation operations organizers to dispose of large deadlines and many documents in the event of disasters and urgent cases.”

El Khiyari stated that “the authorities are closely monitoring the situation,” and that “if humanitarian aid is manipulated or used for personal purposes, this will certainly be prevented.”

Everything must be going fairly well so far as the authorities have not yet intervened, according to El Khiyari.

According to the new law, the current operations must all comply with “the law of public advocacy for collecting donations, not through traditional collection and without a public announcement.”

“A person can collect huge sums of money by exploiting a disaster without anyone knowing its fate,” said El Khiyari, emphasizing that “for this reason, this law, which was subject to state control, was established.”

According to El Khiyari, “With the new law, oversight has become stronger and very precise to eliminate any concerns that donors will be the victims of fraud or that the intended recipients will no longer be able to benefit from it.”

Moroccans continue to swarm the devastated areas with convoys of aid from all of the country’s provinces and cities, demonstrating the unity of Moroccan society.


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