New subsidy for transport professionals: Baitas provides clarification

New subsidy for transport professionals: Baitas provides clarification

After a 72-hour strike observed in March 2022 by road transport professionals, in particular taxi drivers, due to the dizzying rise in fuel prices at the time, the government decided to grant them an exceptional subsidy. This measure concerned nearly 180,000 vehicles.

However, recently, this grant has no longer been paid to professionals, which has led them to wonder about possible payments in the future. During a press briefing organized at the end of the Government Council held this Thursday, June 1, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesman, provided some explanations.

The Minister thus argued that when fuel prices rose significantly in 2022 on the international market, which had repercussions on the national market, it was normal for the government to react and put in place a measure to support the purchasing power of citizens.

It is in this context that the exceptional subsidy for transport professionals was launched, which in 2022 cost no less than 5 billion dirhams. The objective of this support is to avoid an increase in transport prices within cities and between cities, in particular for taxis, as well as for the transport of goods intended for consumption. And we know that it is the most important activity when it comes to the transport of goods in our country“, he explained.

The government intervention was intended to control the prices of foodstuffs when transporting them within the national territory, but also to support low-income families who use public transport“said the government spokesman.

Furthermore, Baitas indicated that the government is closely following this issue of the subsidy, but that “ all the current indicators that we observe, in particular the price of certain materials on the international market, have experienced a decline. There may be fluctuations, but overall a decline is seen, and it will surely have an impact on the national market“.


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