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new Russian-Ukrainian talks in Turkey “next week”

Russia and Ukraine have made enough progress in resolving their dispute over the blocking of grain exports from Ukrainian ports to hold further talks on the subject “next week”, Turkey announced on Wednesday.

“It has been agreed that the delegations of Russia and Ukraine will meet again in Turkey next week,” Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in a statement after a first session on the subject on Wednesday in Istanbul between these two delegations since their previous meeting in March.

Hulusi Akar pointed out that the delegations made up of defense experts from the two belligerent countries had agreed on “common checks” in ports and on the means of “guarantee the safety of transfer routes” goods across the Black Sea.

According to the minister, a final agreement on the release of around 20-25 million tonnes of grain currently tied up in Ukrainian ports could be announced next week.

“During this meeting, which we will have next week, all the details will be reviewed once again and (a document on) the work we have done will be signed”said Hulusi Akar again.

Ukraine is one of the world’s leading exporters of wheat and other agricultural products, and time is running out as global food price hikes pose risks of famine, particularly in Africa.




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