New paper explores positive indicators of mending France-Morocco relations

New paper explores positive indicators of mending France-Morocco relations

In its inaugural research paper titled “Morocco and France: The Necessary Reconciliation,” the newly established Moroccan Think Tank Omega Center said that there is a notable decrease in tensions between Morocco and France over the past three months. 

The paper stated that Paris and Rabat share intersecting interests in crucial issues, with France relying on Morocco to maintain its deteriorating relations in Africa, while the Kingdom seeks reliable partners like Spain and France for the success of its projects and ambitions, such as World Cup 2030 and the new development model.

The center highlighted several indicators pushing for a repair in relations, including calls from French politicians to strengthen ties with Rabat and encouraging statements from the recent French ambassador to Morocco. 

Additionally, the center noted France’s recent stance in the UN Security Council on the Western Sahara issue, emphasizing France’s commitment to supporting Morocco’s autonomy plan in the southern regions.

Addressing the appointment of Ambassador Samira Sitail, the center said that Paris responded positively, as reflected in statements by its ambassador in Rabat.

The paper revisited key moments in the recent crisis between Paris and Rabat, citing the visa crisis in the fall of 2021 as a clear retaliation by French authorities against Morocco’s refusal to host illegal migrants. 

The paper also touched on President Macron’s strategic use of historical ties with Morocco during electoral considerations and France’s involvement in a European Parliament vote that strained relations with Rabat. 

The paper also references the Pegasus case, where Morocco took a firm stance against false information and defamation campaigns by the French media.

The same source underscores that the handling of the Haouz crisis exacerbated tensions, revealing misunderstandings between the two countries regarding aid offered to Morocco, which was not requested.

The center concludes that King Mohammed VI was clear in his call to dispel ambiguity surrounding some countries’ positions on the Western Sahara, seen as a direct message to Macron. 

Despite Macron’s reassurances of friendly relations during his visit to Gabon, Morocco swiftly denied the nature of these relations.

The center touched on the disapproval from Rabat regarding the French-Algerian rapprochement, characterized by official visits between the two, further complicating relations.

The paper raised questions about whether Macron will take the initiative to repair relations with Morocco and move beyond electoral considerations for the year 2027.


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