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New expansion technology that offers the possibility of adding RAM

New OPPO memory expansion technology offers users the option to add RAM to their smartphone.

The software update increases the RAM storage of the Reno5 series to 7 GB, thus enhancing the user-centric experience.

A software update from global technology brand OPPO allows users of Reno5 series smartphones to temporarily boost their device’s RAM (random access memory) capacity.

The company recently introduced its memory expansion technology, RAM Expansion, of its Reno5 series smartphones, thus offering users the possibility of temporarily converting a part of the available read only memory (ROM) of their smartphone into virtual random access memory (RAM), with a single click from the Phone Settings application.

According to the storage capacity of the phone, users can also freely change the RAM deployment level according to their actual needs. Thus, the virtual RAM of Reno5 with 8GB + 128GB memory can be extended up to 5GB.

“The RAM expansion option offers our users a more reliable and flexible approach, allowing them to customize the performance of their smartphone and adapt it to the requirements and needs of their lifestyle.”, explains Tarek Zaki, senior product manager at OPPO MEA.

RAM is one of the fastest types of memory. It allows a device to quickly switch between tasks, which means that the amount of RAM a device has is a critical factor in its response speed.

The amount of RAM a phone needs depends on the apps and features the consumer wants to use, including games, photography, and video editing. The addition of RAM allows more apps to be opened simultaneously in the background, allowing the phone setup to run to its full potential.

The memory extension function can be activated after updating the software of the OPPO Reno5 series (available from July), via the “About Phone” section in the Settings application and by performing a restart.




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