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New drop in diesel prices from this Saturday

The price at the pump of diesel suffered a further drop, this Saturday, April 1, which borders on 68 cents per litre. The price of gasoline, meanwhile, remains unchanged.

The month of April promises to be good for motorists with a general drop in diesel prices at service stations. This Saturday, April 1, fuel distributors announced the reduction in the price per liter of diesel, which fluctuates between 64 and 68 cents, while the price of gasoline remains the same since the last decline in March, i.e. between 14, 29 dh/l and 14.39 dh/l.

Thus, the price displayed for diesel varies according to the service stations between 11.97 DH/l and 12.13 DH/l. It fell by 68 cents at TotalEnergies and Vivo Energy, 65 cents at Afriquia and Winxo and 64 cents at Ola Energy.



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