Netflix posts a $900,000 AI job amid writers’ and actors’ strikes

Netflix posts a 0,000 AI job amid writers’ and actors’ strikes

The most well-known streaming service in the world, Netflix, is looking to hire an AI talent with a very expensive salary as the writers’ and actors’ strikes drag on.

For a manager position that focuses on AI, the organization is looking for someone who will combine a technical background in engineering and/or machine learning with a strong product sense and excellent communication skills to define, explain and execute their vision.  

The salary ranges from $300,000 to $900,000, while actors receive an average payment of $200.

One of the main concerns fueling the actor’s strike, which began earlier this month and caused Hollywood to shut down, is the development of new AI-powered technology.

According to the product manager job description, AI would be employed by Netflix in every aspect of its operations, including helping the company “create great content” and make purchases. According to the listing, there would also be more conventional uses, such as tailoring a user’s content recommendations. 

This wasn’t received well by the industry’s professionals protesting the unfair wages and Netflix has yet to answer the questions of several US-based media outlets to clarify its stance on this.


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