Net flows rise by 6.8% in 2022 (Exchange Office)

Net flows rise by 6.8% in 2022 (Exchange Office)

Net foreign direct investment (FDI) in Morocco reached MAD 21.8 billion in 2022, up 6.8% year-on-year, according to the annual report on Morocco’s balance of payments and international investment position, published by the Office des Changes (Exchange Office).

“Direct investment operations recorded a debit balance up 6.4%. Net flows of foreign direct investment into Morocco thus far exceeded those of Moroccan direct investment abroad”, says the report, prepared in accordance with the 6th edition of the International Monetary Fund Manual (BPM6).

Revenues from these investments reached MAD 39.6 billion (+21.6%), while expenditure rose by 46.3% to MAD 17.8 billion, the same source points out.

The report also states that equity securities are the main component of inflows to Morocco, with a 54.2% share in 2022, reaching MAD 11.8 billion in 2022 (-8.9%).

As for reinvested earnings, they have fallen by MAD 1 billion, to represent 8% of the total net flow of FDI to Morocco in 2022.

By sector, in terms of net flows, the manufacturing sector ranked first in 2022 (MAD +9.5 billion or 43.5% of total net FDI flows to Morocco), followed by the real estate sector (MAD +5.5 bln or 25.1% of total net FDI flows), and then financial and insurance activities (MAD +2.4 bln or 11.2% of total net FDI flows).

These three sectors accounted for 79.8% of total net FDI flows in 2022 (49.6% one year earlier).

By country, the United States is the leading investor in Morocco in 2022, with a net inflow of MAD +7.4 billion or 34.1% of total FDI. The net inflow from this country stood at MAD +0.7 bln in 2021, an increase of MAD 6.7 billion.

Net FDI from France is reached MAD +3.3 billion in 2022, compared with MAD +7.4 billion in 2021, followed by Great Britain (MAD +2.9 billion versus MAD +2.3 billion), the United Arab Emirates (MAD +2.5 billion) and the Netherlands (MAD +1.5 billion).

These five countries accounted for 80.8% of total net foreign direct investment in Morocco in 2022, notes the report.


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