Nephew of separatist militia leader caught red-handed in Panama

Nephew of separatist militia leader caught red-handed in Panama

Customs officers from the Republic of Panama arrested at the borders of Tocumen International Airport not far from the capital, on May 11, a member of the Polisario from Cuba with 65,000 undeclared dollars, the press said. Panamanian.

So far, nothing out of the ordinary. The members of the separatist movement and their acolytes are light years away from being saints, passing for champions of embezzlement of aid funds intended, a priori, for the kidnapped people of Tindouf and other money laundering.

In this specific case, it is a nephew of Mohamed El Ouali Akeik, the new leader of the Polisario armed militias on whom Benbattouche or Brahim Ghali relied, to get rid of troublesome opponents for his re-election.

Tahar Ould Akeik since it is him in question in the story confirms the Forum of Support for the autonomists of Tindouf (FORSATIN), was placed in pre-trial detention and will have been relieved of the small jackpot of his wallet. The latter was confiscated by the Panamanian authorities for the purposes of the prosecution’s investigation.

The nephew to his uncle will have to account for his wrongdoing and his misadventure in court on June 9. He is accused according to the local press of having usurped his status as a “business” traveler against that of a visitor, of having committed a crime against or betraying the “public faith” by not declaring the tidy sum of money in its possession seized and placed in the custody of the funds and deposit account of the attorney general’s office of the “Banco Nacional”.

He was also ordered to take precautionary measures preventing him from leaving the country and from appearing regularly before the Monitoring Unit in the matter of the province of Colón. That said, as soon as the arrest was made at the airport, it is easy to imagine, people rushed from all directions to save the soldier “Tahar”.

And it has been clear, FORSATIN tells us again, that the intervention of many leading political figures in the Panamanian community, after the Algerian Embassy in Panama and the Polisario representative in Cuba, Omar Bolsan, got involved in an attempt to cover up the affair and silence the disclosure of the respondent’s identity to the media.

And FORSATI to drive home the point, his uncle’s nephew trades with his brothers, haphazardly, on the black market and makes his own money importing and exporting between China, Panama and Cuba. He also manages several commercial branches in the Tindouf camps owned by Mohamed El Ouali Akeik. We understand that in the camps of the sequestered, he will never be worried, having in this the blessing of the little and big uncle.

THE Panama is one of the Latin American countries that has recognized the ghostly SADR. It is therefore a way of life to see the members of the leadership of the puppet movement and their relatives come to settle there and invest their money or rather that of the sequestered Sahrawis. Business is booming we tell you! An illustration, the son of former Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, y has a clinic and even another in Ecuador. We still wonder why it went wrong for little Tahar Ould Akeik.


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