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Nearly 300 million jobs threatened by AI

Economists at US investment bank Goldman Sachs have claimed that as many as 300 million full-time jobs worldwide could be affected in one way or another by the new wave of artificial intelligence. (IA) that spawned platforms like ChatGPT.

Thus, 18% of jobs worldwide could be computerized, with the effects being felt more deeply in advanced economies than in emerging markets, economists explained, adding that administrative employees and lawyers are expected to be the most affected, against “little effect” on physically demanding or outdoor occupations, such as construction and repair work.

In the United States and Europe, they add, about two-thirds of current jobs “are exposed to some degree of AI automation,” and up to a quarter of all jobs could be entirely performed by AI.

If generative artificial intelligence “delivers on its promise, the labor market could face significant disruption,” the economists wrote. The term refers to the technology behind ChatGPT, which has recently caused a stir around the world.

ChatGPT, which can write essays, has already prompted many companies to rethink the way people should work on a daily basis. Its developer unveiled, in March, the latest version of the software behind the bot, GPT-4. The platform quickly impressed early adopters with its ability to simplify coding, quickly create a website from a simple sketch, and pass exams with high marks.

Continued use of such AI will likely lead to job losses, Goldman Sachs economists wrote. But they noted that technological innovation has historically created long-term job growth. Widespread adoption of AI could ultimately increase labor productivity — and boost global GDP by 7% per year over a 10-year period, according to Goldman Sachs.

According to these experts, “although the impact of AI on the labor market is likely to be significant, most jobs and industries are only partially exposed to automation and are therefore more likely to be affected. supplemented than replaced by AI”.



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