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National sit-in Saturday across the Kingdom

No longer supporting the vertiginous rise prices food products and social oppression“, the Moroccan Social Front (FSM) announced a simultaneous sit-in, Saturday April 8, in more than 43 geographical points across the country. The details.

Meeting on March 24, 2023 at the headquarters of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) in Rabat, the General Secretariat of the Moroccan Social Front examined the main characteristics of social conditions in our country, in particular those related to the unprecedented rise in the prices of basic foodstuffs, led by vegetables, meat and fish.

In addition to the rise in commodity prices, the WSF denounces, in a press release reaching MoroccoLatestNews UKrising prices ” unjustified fuel, and which continues, despite the fall in the cost of oil at the global level, while the situation of the Samir refinery in Mohammedia persists, in the result of the absence of a clear strategic decision on the part of the State with regard to investment in oil refinement“.

Joined in this regard by MoroccoLatestNews UKAbdelghani Raki, member of the WSF secretariat, stressed that the question of the social situation in Morocco and the rise in prices are of great concern to the WSF.

Everyone complains about the price increase. It may be difficult to convince a foreigner, but Moroccans complain every day about this scourge and the difficulty of leading a normal and peaceful life in view of the critical situation that not only the vulnerable and poor class is going through, but also the middle and working class, whether to get to work, do the shopping, etc. There were demonstrations that were organized to denounce this, but they were reprimanded by law enforcement“, noted the trade unionist.

Indeed, while the state of health emergency, which prohibited any demonstration in public places, ended in Morocco on March 1, requests are still faced with refusals and prohibitions on the part of the authorities.

The authorities are afraid. We tested them on February 19 during a nationwide sit-in organized by the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT). I don’t want to exaggerate, but the number of security forces mobilized during this sit-in was greater than the demonstrators. And all demonstrations at the national level were banned that day. But they have surely understood that the situation has reached a catastrophic level, and that citizens are fed up, not to mention the repression of freedom of expression and demonstration. After a while, you have to question yourself and remedy the situation before it’s too late.“, he concluded.

It is for these reasons therefore that the Moroccan Social Front called for a national sit-in, on Saturday April 8, in more than 43 cities of the Kingdom to denounce the social situation in the country and the problem of rising prices.



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