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National Finery Museum: A record crowd

The National Adornment Museum is making a strong entry into the Moroccan museum scene with nearly 40,000 visitors in less than eight days of its inauguration.

A press release from the National Museums Foundation (FNM) notes that this museum, inaugurated on Saturday January 7 by Princess Lalla Hasnaa, reaffirms the Royal vision which promotes culture and the arts and emphasizes the national cultural heritage in all its diversity

The new scenography gives a complete idea of ​​the geography of Morocco, in particular the cultural specificities of each region, the contact zones, the history of the country as well as the production workshops of the pieces, indicates the same source, adding that the collection presents pieces of great cultural, historical and aesthetic value.

The FNM also informs that King Mohammed VI was kind enough to share with Moroccans and foreign visitors his collection of Berber jewelry and rare pieces, which show the innovative and distinguished character of the national genius and its ancestral know-how. make.

It should be noted that the National Finery Museum is the 14th museum managed by the FNM, which enriches the museum palette, as part of the “Rabat, city of light, capital of culture” program.



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