National Film Festival celebrates three pioneering cinema figures

National Film Festival celebrates three pioneering cinema figures

The national film festival (FNF) of Tangier paid tribute to three pioneering cinema personalities, making its opening ceremony a night to remember. 

The first homage went to Moroccan media personality and journalist Fatima Loukili, who took the stage in a Palestinian Keffiyeh scarf.

Also wearing a Keffiyeh, journalist Maria Daif expressed her deepest gratitude to her friend Loukili, and spoke of her great values of love and tolerance.

“In these horrible days of what’s going on in Gaza, we can only hope for better days and defend the Palestinian cause like Fatima does. She holds Palestine in her heart which carries the pain of the whole world ,” said Daif.

After accepting her tribute, Loukili said that it is very beautiful to be surrounded by all of this love, then thanked all of pioneering cinema professionals Moroccans who attended FNF’s opening ceremony.

“I take great pride in this tribute and I hope that this event will pay tribute to cinema,” said Loukili adding, “Greetings to the people of resistance, the people of Gaza, people of great pride.”

The second tribute went to the great director Abdelkader Lagtaa, and as a surprise the festival made a documentary in which they asked people who know him to talk about him.

Rachid Lwali and Mouna fettou were filmed as in front of a screen playing Legtaa’s “Love in Casablanca”.

Lwali said that the director never stressed actors on set, and thanked him for launching his career and believing in him. 

The two actors danced while watching a dance scene from the movie, as the crowd cheered warmly. 

Younes Migri and Sonia Okacha were shown next saying that Legtaa makes you feel at ease as an actor.

To hand him the trophy , esteemed cinema critic Hammadi Guerroum said that Legtaa’s stories reminds him of great movie makers, as he is someone who “transforms a spot into sun, while many transform sun into a mere spot.”

His movies allow us to figure out how a country thinks through cinema, said the critic who’s the director’s dear friend. 

“Cinema writing through him is distinguished in every aspect and represents Casablanca,” added Guerroum.

He is a thinker that should be celebrated, concluded the critic before handing his friend the award.

The third tribute went to respected cinema figure, Latif Lahlou, who’s film was restored and shown at the end of the ceremony.

The crowd cheered for the great director, as they recalled his greatest achievements and watched him officially announce the beginning of the event.

This edition, in the panorama section of the program, two animation movies will be screened outside of the official competition, emphasizing Morocco’s stance in encouraging original animated productions. 

The school films category features 11 films, to be judged by director Noureddine Lakhmari, actress  Sonia Okacha and producer Zhour Fassi Fihri.

Lakhmari, happy that students are making movies, demanded a standing ovation for these students who were present at the event venue. 


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