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Nasser Bourita calls for a permanent political solution for the crisis in Syria

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita, affirmed that the decision of the Arab League concerning the return of Syria to its Arab family must constitute a key element to launch a process policy leading to a comprehensive and permanent solution to the crisis in that country. In this regard, he recalled the vision of King Mohammed VI on the need to contain crises and deal with them within their appropriate framework.

In his speech in the context of the session devoted to the Syrian file during the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers, organized this Sunday in Cairo, Nasser Bourita considered that ” Saudi Arabia’s efforts in this direction, based on the principle that good does not come from division and separation, but from unity and integration, will make the next summit in Jeddah a real summit of Arab unity“.

The Head of Moroccan diplomacy, in this sense, evoked the historical ties that unite Morocco and Syria, rooted in the blood of the Moroccan, Syrian and Arab soldiers who sank during the October 1973 war to defend the dignity of this Arab country, emphasizing that King Mohammed VI has always paid attention to the Syrian crisis and its various repercussions, first and foremost the human dimension.

After expressing his sadness at the suffering, violence and chaos that have plagued this ancestral country over the past twelve years, Bourita underlined that this crisis has had negative repercussions on Syrians, both in terms of security and well-being, as well as their aspirations towards the broad horizons offered by freedom, openness and effective participation in public affairs, in addition to the impact of this crisis on all the countries of the region.

He further noted that the Arab group sincerely sought to play a role in calming the escalation, but the acceleration of events, their large-scale spread and foreign interventions prevented this.

We would like to ask ourselves in order to move clearly on the healthy and sustainable path, if the return of Syria to the League of Arab States is an objective in itself, then it is a perception, and if the objective goes beyond, then it is another perception that makes the Arab League one of the outlets for peace and security, and one of Syria’s faithful partners in achieving its aspirations for development and prosperity. “, underlined the minister.

And to add: If we stick to the principle of preserving the sovereignty of Syria, its territorial integrity, the cohesion of its society and non-interference in its internal affairs, as one of the constants of our work, then the common commitment is a virtue and a duty, which translates into concrete measures in order to prove the capacity to respond to other pressing problems, for the Syrians themselves and for the Arab and other countries, such as the safe return security of refugees, the facilitation of the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid, the launch of the process of national reconciliation and the fight against terrorism in all forms “.

In conclusion, Nasser Bourita indicated that this could make this Arab dynamism towards the Syrian file consistent with the efforts of the United Nations Special Envoy in Syria to achieve a breakthrough in this crisis with the help of the Syrians themselves, in a way that takes into account the interests of the Syrian people and avoids making the country a quagmire to settle political calculations of outside parties.



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