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NARSA Launches New Vehicle Mutation Portal

The National Road Safety Agency (NARSA) launched, on Tuesday in Rabat, a new vehicle transfer portal which is added to the bouquet of e-services intended for users and the general public.

Unveiled during a press briefing intended for the presentation of the NARSA action program for 2023 in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Logistics Mohamed Abdeljalil, this e-service facilitates the process of sale and purchase vehicles registered in Morocco in a secure and smooth manner, while guaranteeing the rights of the seller and the buyer.

In a statement to the press on this occasion, Abdeljalil reported about 700,000 vehicle transfer operations per year, noting that this new platform will improve and facilitate the purchase and sale of vehicles while preserving the rights of each party.

It also comes to expand the range of e-services offered by the Agency as part of bringing public service closer to users, he added. For his part, the Director General of NARSA, Benacer Boulaajoul, explained that this new portal has enormous advantages for both the seller and the buyer, specifying that it guarantees, on the one hand, the rights of the seller insofar as the latter has no connection with the vehicle sold from the date of declaration of the sale and therefore cannot receive offenses on traffic accidents that may subsequently occur, and insures, on the other hand, to the buyer that the newly acquired vehicle is not the subject of any opposition.

The portal also offers other advantages related to simplicity, accessibility and speeding up the processing time for vehicle transfers to be able to issue the gray card as soon as possible, he said.



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