Najia Sedrati exhibits at Galerie Nadar throughout the month of July

While she has always reserved her art for those close to her, who have always encouraged her to reveal it to others, the painter Najia Sedrati is finally exhibiting her works in Casablanca. ” Imaginary Space“, Is the title of the exhibition organized by Galerie Nadar during the month of July. A second date after the one and only exhibition of Najia Sedrati, which took place in February 2020 in Paris.

Beyond its artistic side, figurative art has always made it possible to better appreciate reality, more than the observation of a real object would allow. While it is totally unrealistic, it has this ability to accentuate reality through the shapes and colors that compose it, allowing to consider what it illustrates in another dimension, more emotional than the primary dimension.

What led Najia Sedrati to choose the figurative in the early 2000s is this possibility of offering, through a work, another reading of people, objects, a more sensitive reading. A choice which then enabled him to carry out abstract and semi-abstract works.

My transition to the abstract allowed me to express more my artistic emotions“Says Najia Sedrati, quoted in a press release at the end of her exhibition. Emotions that she cultivated during her youth by contemplating the works of great international artists, pioneers of abstract art such as Kandinsky, Malevich, Mondrian but also Marlow Moss, Hilma af Klint and others.

Self-taught, Najia Sedrati submits to the demands of painting to devote herself, from 2018, to unstructured figurative art. She thus expresses herself through omnipresent shapes and colors that invade her works. ” My leitmotif is to represent the woman with multiple faces and facets, as she stands at the crossroads of my own experience and my imagination.“, She clarified.

His latest paintings, explosive and intense, express the concern of a shattered and disrupted world, like the paradoxes and contradictions of everyday life. His desire is to suggest this ambivalence while arousing questions and emotions.

And it is by exhibiting works, throughout the month of July at the Nadar Gallery, that Najia Sedrati finally shares her artistic emotion with art lovers in Morocco. A first exhibition in Casablanca entitled ” Imaginary space“, After the one and only time that she presented her works, from February 11 to 16, 2021, at the Salon des Indépendants as part of Art Capital which was held at the Grand Palais in Paris.



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