Nador: Bladed weapons, clubs…return to an assault of incredible violence

Armed to the teeth… The expression will have found its full extent this Friday, June 24, when more than 2000 sub-Saharans tried to force the closure of the occupied presidency of Melilla.

It is true that the illegal migrants were not on their first attempt, but this Friday’s assault is the first of its kind, due to its violence and the stated intentions of its perpetrators.

The images obtained by MoroccoLatestNews UK leave no doubt or ambiguity about who is the aggressor and who is the attacked in this case.

Bladed weapons, clubs, iron bars, chains, stones, everything was good enough to attack the forces of order, yet they were used to this exercise, which has become customary in the towns neighboring the enclaves of Sebta, but especially Melilla.

These same forces have never had to deal with this kind of situation, where they were targeted by an “armed group”, ready to do anything, even kill, to succeed in their attempt.

This “arsenal of war” left on the “battlefield” has enough to silence the most skeptical, but first and foremost, the accusatory voices, fortunately rare, who persist in seeing only one side of the medal.

Because it is a fact that Morocco no longer has to provide proof of the success of its migration policy or of its management of the thorny issue of illegal migration, since it has become both a host country and a transit.

Those who value these efforts at their fair value were the first to react, because they know very well what Morocco is doing, in silence and without show, and also know the importance of this work for them.

In this sense, the Head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, did not hesitate to mention the “international mafias” that Morocco is facing, alone, to stem this wave.

The Kingdom is fighting against the “violent actions of migrants orchestrated by international mafias”, he said.

And to remind, to anyone who wants to hear and understand, that “Morocco also suffers from the violent actions of migrants, and the main responsible for the tragedy that has occurred and the regrettable loss of human lives are the international mafias who organize the violent attacks”.

The word violence comes up in every sentence, and demonstrates the magnitude of the brutality that law enforcement had to face, and against which they fought and defended themselves, for hours on end.

Spanish sources, for their part, assured that the migrants, who acted like armed groups, were trained and organized, as noted by the security elements who had to manage a hundred migrants who managed to climb the wall of barbed.

Armed with iron bars, sharp tools, and stones, the migrants had planned everything. They were also armed with sharp hook-like iron tools strapped to their wrists to help them scale the barbed wire wall, as well as a radio that allowed them to disable the closing of the electric gate, the authorities added. same sources.

For their part, the ambassadors of African countries accredited to Morocco, who met on Sunday with Moroccan officials and learned of the scale of this operation, were unanimous in expressing their support for the Moroccan authorities in the face of this event.

They also praised the country’s migration policy, recalling that the Kingdom is the only country to have become a host country and heart for thousands of migrants who have chosen to settle there, Morocco having regularized, since 2018 , 50,000 undocumented migrants, thus becoming the first country to take this initiative.

It should be noted that this assault of unprecedented violence left 23 dead and 246 injured, including 170 in the ranks of the police.



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