Nadia Fettah: Trusting the vital forces of the Kingdom for a dynamic revival of the national economy

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, took part on Thursday in a meeting of the National Business Council (CNE) of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM). On this occasion, she underlined the need to have confidence in the vital forces of the Kingdom to ensure a dynamic revival of the national economy.

In a press statement on the sidelines of this meeting, Nadia Fettah insisted: “We must have confidence in the strengths of our country, men and women, to emerge from this crisis stronger and for a dynamic recovery of our economy”.

In this sense, she highlighted the constructive spirit and the mobilization of the CGEM to support all the sectors that were suffering during the economic crisis, and Moroccan operators who have shown resilience, innovation and creativity allowing for “serene discussions”.

“If we have this type of discussions and this luxury of planning for the short, medium and long terms, it is because our country, under royal guidance, has managed the health crisis well”, thanks to a campaign of effective vaccination “which puts the Kingdom among the best performing countries in the world”.

This is a colossal financial investment by the public authorities and a priority, she stressed in this regard, adding that this now makes it possible to ensure health for citizens and to approach the future with a roadmap.

The Minister also recalled the important role of massive support and measures deployed by the State, as well as the proactivity of companies for the economic recovery in Morocco. “The year 2021 is ending pretty well in terms of growth,” she said.

For his part, the president of the CGEM, Chakib Alj indicated that the elaboration of the 2022 finance law was undoubtedly “a laborious process” given the national context, marked by the elections, but also by the lack of visibility linked to the health situation.

To this end, the president of the CGEM welcomed the listening and the positive signals sent by the government to the private sector, in particular the announcement by the head of government of the clearance of the stock of VAT credit of 13 billion euros. dirhams (MMDH) by April 2022.

“The reimbursement of this owed by the State to companies will be a breath of fresh air for their cash flow and will allow them to fulfill their primary role, that of investor. This gives hope and confidence and constitutes a good start towards the neutrality of the VAT, so requested ”, he said.

On another aspect, Alj noted that the CGEM favorably welcomed the measures aimed at making the industrial sector more competitive, by lowering the corporate tax from 28% to 26% or even the commitment made through a subsidy for the research and development credit.

The CGEM has taken note of the large-scale social projects carried out by the Executive in this year 2022, in particular the site of the generalization of social protection, he maintained, noting that in terms of funding, the Confederation has issued its recommendations relating to the structuring of the Mohammed VI Fund for investment, the implementation of which is scheduled for soon.

Mehdi Tazi, General Vice-President of CGEM, for his part, presented the main challenges for the development of the private sector, citing in this sense the promotion of “made in Morocco” through a change in the codes of public procurement and an overhaul of the tax system, and the creation of an integrated support mechanism, dedicated to Moroccan SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) and ETI (medium-sized enterprises), in particular for exports.

It is also a question of implementing the tools of the Mohammed VI Fund for investment, supported by the State, institutional and / or private investors, he noted.

It is also a question, he continued, of encouraging entrepreneurship, of creating an ecosystem of start-ups and innovation, of working for the implementation of the recommendations of the NMD and of the framework law on taxation. by 2025, in addition to accelerating the implementation of the national financial inclusion strategy.



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