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Nadia Fettah presents her copy and overwhelms the PJD

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, presented this Monday during a joint session of the two Chambers of Parliament, the Finance Bill (PLF) for the year 2022.

PLF-2022, she explained, envisions making a transition from inconsistent sector policies to policies framed by a strategic vision and overview with clear national priorities.

The reference could not be more direct. Inconsistently, the minister pointed to the PJDiste management of the country’s affairs, because according to her, the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, does not in itself justify all the dysfunctions.

To better drive the point home, she insisted: “for ten years, our country has not made progress to the height of its capabilities. Our situation would have been better if we had greater immunity to deal with the pandemic. Government policies, over the past ten years, have engendered economic and social failures, which have destroyed the gains made previously and have constituted an obstacle to development rather than being the motor ”.

“Of course, the crisis linked to Covid-19 is unprecedented, but it does not in itself explain all the economic and social problems, just as it should not be an excuse to hide pre-covid crises , or justify dysfunctions accumulated over 10 years, ”she argued.

The time is therefore for mobilization, assured Nadia Fettah, observing that the PLF supported by the current executive, also aims to meet the fundamental expectations of citizens in terms of health, education and employment, restore dynamism to private investment, support the national company and encourage it to create employment opportunities and continue to support public investment.

It is also a question of restoring the dynamism of private investment, of supporting the national company for the revival and of encouraging it to create employment opportunities, in particular for the young people, and to continue to support the investments. for the same purpose, she added.

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The government wants to mobilize the efforts and collective intelligence of all active forces to face these negative accumulations and propose alternatives that will meet the expectations of citizens and solve their problems, she said.

And to do this, she underlined, “the government is determined to make PLF-2022 a starting point for the implementation of its program, which draws its orientations and priorities from royal speeches and whose components are in line with the conclusions of the report on the New Development Model ”.

In figures, she indicated that the government intends:

– Create 250,000 direct jobs in 2022 and 2023, for a total budget of 2.25 billion dirhams.

– Bring new momentum to the “Intelaka” program and launch “Forsa”, for 1.25 billion dirhams.

– Inject 9 billion dirhams into the health sector, including 5 billion dirhams for infrastructure

– Mobilize public investment MAD 245 billion, including the financing of the Mohammed VI Fund for investment.




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