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Nabila Mounib will not run for a third term as party leader

The Secretary General of the Unified Socialist Party (PSU), Nabila Mounib, did not go out of her way to criticize her comrades, with whom she had relations within the components of the Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD), and who decided to leave his party to create a new one. She also expressed her decision not to run for a 3rd term as head of the candle party.

During a meeting at the Higher Institute of Journalism and Information in Casablanca, held on Wednesday, Nabila Mounib argued that her comrades who had left the party “arrived at the beginning with a slogan of the unity of the left, but they are united around individuals and not around the unity of a project“, she hammered.

“We want a project-based unit, but they chose to attack people. May God help them. For our part, we are continuing our fight and our project”said the SG of the PSU.

Regarding her PSU comrades who decided not to join this new left-wing project, Nabila Mounib argued that the latter “do not believe in the logic of the sheikh and the disciple and reject it” , evoking the situation of the Moroccan left, which according to her received a hard blow after the fall of the Berlin wall. But she still confirmed that her party is “in good form “and that he evensaved the project from the left so that it does not evaporate ».

Regarding her fate in the United Socialist Party, and her intention to run for a third term to lead the candle party, Mounib has indicated that she will not run again.

Thus, the Secretary General of the PSU criticized the lack of activation of the principle of “cause and effect“, that is to say, linked responsibility to the obligation to render accounts since “the reports of the institutions, headed by the Court of Auditors, are published, but without activation“.

Indeed, according to the SG of the PSU, “the country does not follow the principle of linking responsibility to accountability“, adding that”the reports of the Court of Auditors do not reach the judiciary to hold those responsible for the imbalances“.

In addition, Nabila Mounib returned to the 2021 elections, which had brought her to Parliament for the first time. According to her, her elections had “fraud», while she ranked 12th among women who obtained a seat in the Casablanca-Settat region. In this sense, she considered that “the authority of money was behind drawing the political map in Morocco“.

The parliamentarian explained during her speech at the IFJ in Casablanca that “the construction of a social state is not possible in the light of privatization and the politics currently undertaken, and in the light of the retreat of the trade unions and the parties», calling for the need to strengthen this social state by strengthening the health system and the education system through the public school which has trained generations.

Nabila Mounib also confirmed that “trade union bodies have been weakened and silenced“, before concluding that “social dialogue is broken down or meaningless, faced with trade unions and coordination groups that are not armed, when mobilization is needed to achieve rights“.




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