Nabil Ayouch winner of the 2021 Prize of the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity

Moroccan director, screenwriter and producer Nabil Ayouch won the 2021 Prize of the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity, in recognition of “his commitments to promote and protect cultural diversity in Morocco and in the Mediterranean region”, announced the Coalition .

Nabil Ayouch “worked in particular to create a coalition for cultural diversity in Morocco and initiated the creation of digital cinemas in rural areas”, underlines the French Coalition in a press release.

Nabil Ayouch is the author of numerous films selected and awarded at internationally renowned festivals, characterized by their fine and sensitive representation of Moroccan society. He is also the founder of the Moroccan Coalition for Cultural Diversity and is the initiator of several projects in Morocco and the Mediterranean aimed at supporting local film production.

In 2009, he launched an initiative to create digital cinemas in rural and peri-urban areas. In 2021, he directed and wrote the film Haut et Fort selected in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival and released in France on November 17th.

The French Coalition for Cultural Diversity also rewarded the artist collective Principe Actif for its Voyage Around Me! Project. In this project, the artists of this collective offer young people who have dropped out of school and educators from three different neighborhoods to come together around several theatrical and audiovisual creations.

Created in 1997, the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity today brings together around fifty professional organizations from the cinema, audiovisual, performing arts, publishing, music, graphic and plastic arts and multimedia. . Together, they defend freedom of expression and creation, and the right for each state to define policies to support creation.

As part of its action, the Coalition has awarded the Cultural Diversity Prizes since 2011 in order to support initiatives, to reward personalities whose professional, personal or artistic career is characterized by a strong investment in creation and culture and thus encourage good practices that can help promote and defend cultural diversity.



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