Nabil Ayouch and his team shout “loud and clear” and win the Positive Cinema Prize

He did it ! Nabil Ayouch climbed the steps of Cannes alongside his wife and his team of young people to present his film ” High and loud“, In official competition for the Palme d’Or. The Moroccan director’s feature film finally received the Festival’s Positive Cinema Prize. Nabil Ayouch also received the Best Achievement in Cinema award, a consecration for his entire career, which was awarded to him by the humanitarian organization Union-Life International.

Screened on the evening of Thursday July 15, ” High and loud »Touched the public but also the jury as demonstrated by the many critics. In short, the Moroccan film is a tribute to Moroccan youth. This fiction, whose action takes place in Sidi Moumen, in Casablanca, tells the story of Anas, a former rapper who is engaged in a cultural center in the district.

Encouraged by their new teacher, the young people will try to free themselves from the weight of certain traditions to live their passion and express themselves through hip-hop culture. The characters are played mainly by Anas Basbousi, as well as Ismail Adouab, Meriam Nakkach, Nouhaila Arif, Abdou Basbousi, Zineb Boujemaa, Soufiane Bellali, Mehdi Razzouk, Amina Kannan, Samah Barigou, Maha Menan, Marwa Kninmanmaniaha Bennani and Abdermani .

On the Cannes red carpet, Nabil Ayouch was just as proud of his ” new-baby As his wife Maryam Touzani who co-wrote the film alongside him, or the young actors. who also lived during this week of the Festival an unforgettable experience and strong emotional moments.

It is a huge pride. I am happy to be there this evening with Nabil and especially with my young people“, Said Anas Basousi, one of the main characters in the film.

Qualified for ” Cheering “(France Culture),” Vibrant “(Screen),” Exaltant “(Telquel),” Puissant “(Marianne),” strong and sincere “, (VH Mag), or a” Moroccan West Side Story “(Jeune Afrique),” Haut et Fort ”was widely acclaimed by film professionals and by the media present at Cannes.

I learned to look at the world in a cultural center like this. About forty years ago, in the Parisian suburbs. I will not be in front of you today if I had not been there, and if I had not understood that the arts and culture could change a life, upset a destiny…. The fact of finding ourselves, forty years later, on the other side of the Mediterranean, with the talents of these young people, their rages and their energies… They do honor to their country. I want to thank them a thousand times, because I have the impression that there is a loop that ends today “, Said, very moved, Nabil Ayouch in front of the public after the screening of the film.

Note that “Haut et fort”, is a production of Ali’n Productions (Morocco), Les Films du Nouveau Monde (France), in co-production with Unity and Ad Vitam (France), directed by Nabil Ayouch, and written by Nabil Ayouch in collaboration with Maryam Touzani.



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