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Myriem Himmich Gallery hosts the Alflila Yalalla exhibition

Myriem Himmich Gallery is organizing the opening of the exhibition Alflila Yalalla which will be open to the public on April 30 and May 1.

During this exhibition, the artist photographer Myriem Himmich sheds light on the universe of the Barok slipper and the ancestral know-how of the Kherraza Masters who make it.

Three spaces have been created within the gallery to allow an artistic immersion of the visitor in a Barok world where design, creativity and craftsmanship come together to promote a world heritage.

The first space features the collection of Alflila slippers created and signed by designer Hicham Lahlou in collaboration with the Barok brand.

This limited edition slipper is the brand’s flagship product. Myriem Himmich recounts in this space, the love for this essential product of Moroccan craftsmanship: the babouche.

This story is told through a series of photos she took in the city of Fez where the brand has its headquarters. And to bring this unconditional love, the artist photographer has called on two renowned Moroccan actors from the Fez-Meknes region: Ahlam Zaimi and Rabii Skalli who have put on the Alflila slipper and the Yalalla slipper, both from from the collection signed by the international designer Hicham Lahlou. Result: a series of artistic and fashion photos with a common thread of love that will amaze all visitors.

The second space created presents the different stages of making the Barok slipper. Seven stages are materialized there with on the one hand a series of micro photos on the artisanal work carried out at each stage of the manufacture of the babouche. On the other hand, the brand has also reconstructed a mini workshop where the tools and raw materials used in the manufacture of Barok slippers will be presented.

Visitors will have the opportunity to follow tailoring workshops and compose and create their own custom-made slippers.

Finally, the third space is intended to be an Instagrammable space where all the brand’s models will be presented on the same wall and where visitors will be invited to share photos on social networks with a multitude of colorful slippers as a background. Barok being a brand launched on social networks, the artist photographer imagined a wall that all influencers would dream of sharing with their community.

The Myriem Himmich gallery, a new art setting open to artistic expression. This gallery whose vocation is to honor art in all its forms and to shed light on established artists and young talents. This new cultural space aims to be a showcase of choice for artists and a place for encounters and exchanges to discover artistic richness.




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