‘My father is not dead’ takes home 6 trophies in tangier’s National Film Festival

‘My father is not dead’ takes home 6 trophies in tangier’s National Film Festival

The closing ceremony of Tangier’s national film festival « FNF » was marked by celebrations of all cinema creatives, from students to established artists, as the movie “My father is not dead” by Director Adil Fadili took home six awards.

The ceremony began with an opening speech from the head of the Moroccan cinematography center, Abdelaziz El Bouzdaini, who is the general secretary of the communication department of the ministry of youth, culture and communication.

El Bouzdaini said that this edition had a special identity, coming after years of expertise. Among the specialities this edition is a competition of school films and the fact that the award prizes were doubled.

The event welcomed two enriching round tables, in which cinema professionals exchanged their knowledge. El Bouzdaini declared that CCM is to release a book encompassing what was said during the previous exchanges, after conducting a thorough assessment.

Head of CCM concluded his speech saying “As I congratulate the winners, I want to say that success doesn’t end here and that international venues and festivals await as we have already seen this year. A big Thank you to Moroccan cinema professionals who deserve the best.”

Special awards:

Before that the night took an emotional turn after winning six awards for the feature film “My father is not dead”, the festival presented two special awards that weren’t unveiled before.

The Moroccan federation of cinema clubs named “Leftovers” by Aymen Benslimane best short film, «Fragments of the sky » best documentary and « Tanzgha Rythms » best feature film.

The second special award was hosted by the Moroccan cinema critics association, who named « On my father’s grave » best short film, « Last trap » best documentary and « Lm7gor Makaybkich » (the debased doesn’t cry » best feature film.

The FNF awards:

The official FNF award kicked off with the cinema films competition, with an honorable mention to Israe Tebiche, a fresh graduate of the higher institute of audiovisual and cinema professions « ISMAC », for her first short film Soul.

This category’s winner was Anas Zemati for « The Scarecrow », which came as no surprise as the movie was highly applauded by cinema professionals and critics after its screening. 

The next prize unveiled was FNF’s best documentary, but first, the jury granted a special mention to Othmane Saadouni for « Broken Mirrors ».

« I thank my mother for the endless coffees she made me and the team, as I had no actual money for food and hotels, we just had to make this film, » said the director.

Adnane Baraka ended up going home with two awards, as he did win FNF’s best documentary. The director thanked all the nomads who participated in making « Fragments of the sky ».

Best short film scenario went to « Seminal Animals », directed by Karim Souissi and produced by Yassine Benjamaa and Othmane Balafrej, with Pamela Albarran as director of photography.

The film was heavily applauded for dealing with a subject in a dark sinister manner, as the director voiced his hope for a proper family code reform, to grant equal rights to women and men.

The film was shot during the pandemic in nine other but the capital of lights. 

A special mention went to Latefa Ahrare’s « Sahara my love », a scenario she dedicated to all military men, their children and wives, being the child of an ex military soldier herself.

The short film jury prize went to Walid Mensaoui for « Noki ».

As for the grand prize, Jawahine Zentar’s « On my father’s grave » won, taking home two awards and leaving the director speechless and emotional.

Feature films awards:

The last category, best feature, included 14 awards, six of which went to Adil Fadili’s « My father is not dead ».

Best original music was the first award going to this movie, as the crowd cheered for composer Fettah Neggadi, who, despite not seeing the crowd due to being visually impaired, teared up and thanked them for their love. 

Best editing went to Nicholas Rupmle for « The Blue Caftan. »

The director Mariam Touzani received the award on his behalf, thanking Yassin Hammani for assisting Nicholas in editing her award winning movie.

Best sound design went to Adil Alami et Youssef Ajakan for their work in Fadili’s « My father is not dead ».

Best image also went to this movie, and as the director was collecting awards, the ceremony master joked about Fadili staying nearby to collect more.

Hatim Saddiki won second best lead actor for his performance in « Moul Dwira », while Nisrine Bichara won second best lead actress for her role in « Queens ».

Best male lead went to the Palestinian Actor Salah Bakri for his role in Touzani’s « The blue caftan. »

He couldn’t attend the ceremony due to what’s happening in Palestine, explained Touzani.

Best female lead went to Aïcha Tebbae for « Lm7gor Makaybkich ».

This movie also took home best scenario, an award that went to Fayzal Boulifa, as well as the jury prize.

Best first feature was awarded to Yasmine Benkirane for her road movie « Queens ».

Best directing went to none other but Adil Fadili, as well as the best production prize FNF’s grand prize for best feature film.

Overwhelmed yet joyful, Fadili thanked himself for both producing and directing the film, and the whole staff for their unwavering dedication.


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