Mustapha Farmati’s short film “The Last Wave” in competition at the Alexandria Festival

Also on the list of this cinematographic event is the Moroccan-French film “Le chant du sin” by Khalid Maadour.

Morocco also participates in the jury of this competition. He is represented in the person of academician Hassan Roukh, alongside Bosnian director Ena Sendijarevic, Egyptian artist Karim Kassem, Spanish director Nayra Sanz Fuentes and German critic Thomas Kaskii.

Among the most outstanding works of the short film competition are the Romanian “La Ahad” by Mihania Raris Hanteo, the Egyptian “Yohka Anna” by Abdel Fattah Zeidan, the Palestinian “Uranus” by Aya Ahmed Matar, the French “Tahta Attourab” by Eric Ribot, the Syrian “Habl Al Ghassil” directed by Mahmoud Jakmaki, the Greek “Hansel” by Vivian Papageorgiou, and “Nihayat Al Mouaanata” from Greece, directed by Jacqueline Lentzo.

The management of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival will start its activities next Saturday before lowering the curtains next Thursday.

Alexandria Film Festival: the film
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