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Musical sale “Souk l’Oustouwanat”, Saturday June 18 at the Renaissance cinema

For the second year, the Hiba Foundation is launching its musical sale, on Saturday June 18, 2022 at the Renaissance cinema in Rabat.

With the rise of streaming, we thought it was doomed. Now, the vinyl record, over the last decade, has made a comeback in force, specifies the foundation, which notes that music fans, whether amateurs or unconditional collectors, consider the vinyl record an art form in herself.

Whether they are fine-eared audiophiles, curious young people looking for an authentic experience or fans of physical musical objects, vinyl sales have exploded thanks to their listening quality. , their unusual and nostalgic side, the musical discovery or the beauty of the retro sleeves which become real collector’s items, is still underlined.

Souk l’Oustouwanat now offers the opportunity to meet music enthusiasts.

After the success of the first edition, where various vintage enthusiasts exhibited and sold their goods, it’s now time for the second edition of Souk L’Oustouwnate where Fondation Hiba organizes the first market in Morocco dedicated to vinyl records and goods. musical cultures.

“Souk l’Oustouwanat” (the record souk) aims to create emulation and encourage the meeting of vinyl record collectors and audiophiles.

A call for participation has been launched to identify these record stores and collectors across Morocco.




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