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Music: Partnership between Jerusalem East & West Orchestra and Symphonyat

The Moroccan Symphonyat Orchestra and the Jerusalem East & West Orchestra recently concluded a partnership agreement aimed at promoting musical creativity and fraternity and deepening social, cultural and economic ties between the two countries.

The announcement was made by David Eyal, deputy head of the Hebrew State’s liaison office in Rabat, on his Twitter account.

لقد تم الاسبوع الماضي التوقيع رسميا على أول شراكة بين “أوركسترا القدس الشرقية والغربية” 🇮🇱 و “سيمفونيات” 🇲🇦 في إسرائيل. إن لذه الشراكة تعزز الإبداع الموسيقي والأخوة الإنسانية باعتبارها نقطة انطلاق لتقدم وتعميق الروابط الاجتماعية والثقافية والاقتصادية بين بلدينا 🎷🎻🎺🪕 pic.twitter.com/Sa1ut7aGcS

— Eyal David (@EyalDavid_mfa) March 10, 2022

Under the terms of the agreement, the Jerusalem East & West Orchestra and the Moroccan Symphonyat Orchestra share a rich and varied multicultural musical language and a common vocation of bringing hearts and cultures closer together.

It is therefore necessary, underlines the text, to preserve, connect, disseminate and perpetuate varied musical traditions and even draw inspiration from them to form a new type of musical creation in a contemporary language that makes it accessible to a wide audience.

Moroccan musicians join Israeli Andalusian Orchestra for Israel tour

The two orchestras will also give joint concerts in Israel and Morocco, under the direction of maestro Tom Cohen.

For their first cooperation, Symphonyat and Jerusalem East & West Orchestra performed together at the Song of the Dove Festival, which took place from March 2 to 4 in Israel.




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