“Moussalaha” program: 239 beneficiary prisoners to date

Some 17 detainees have benefited from the “Moussalaha” (Reconciliation) program in its 10th edition, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 239 since its launch in 2017, said the General Delegate for Prison Administration and Reintegration, Mohamed Salah. Tamek.

Thus, 180 of these detainees were released, including 137 beneficiaries of a royal pardon, in addition to the reduction of the sentence for the benefit of 18 others, bringing the rate of beneficiaries of the royal pardon to 65%, said Tamek who spoke at the closing ceremony of this edition which was spread over three and a half months.

As part of the gender approach, the “Moussalaha” program was extended to include women detained under the anti-terrorism law, and this during its 5th edition, which benefited 10 beneficiaries out of a total of 13 boarders, i.e. a participation rate of more than 77%, he said, stressing that all the beneficiaries of this special edition were released, including eight in favor of a royal pardon and two others at the end of their sentences .

This is a unique program at the global level, especially since it has been praised by many regional and international partners, he said, noting that it is part of the general strategy of the Kingdom in terms of management of the religious field, carried out under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, and based on the authentic precepts of Islam, as a religion of moderation, middle ground, openness and tolerance, but also to fight against all forms of extremism and violence.

In the process, the Delegate General explained that the DGAPR has adopted a new rehabilitation plan for the reintegration of prisoners, based on the individualization of programs and activities in this area, such as the “Moussalaha” program dedicated to the benefit of convicts. in cases of extremism and terrorism.

“The program has achieved its previously set objectives,” he said, emphasizing, in this regard, the intense and serious interaction of the prisoners with all the scheduled activities.

It should be noted that the “Moussalaha” program has been developed and implemented since 2017 by the DGAPR, relying on its own resources and in cooperation with the Rabita Mohammadia des Oulémas, the CNDH and specialized experts.

It intervenes within the framework of the efforts of the Delegation aimed at guaranteeing all the conditions for the reintegration of detainees sentenced for cases of extremism and terrorism in penitentiary establishments, by adopting a scientific approach in complementarity with the multidimensional efforts deployed at the national level. in the fight against terrorism and extremism within the framework of security proactivity, spiritual immunization and the fight against precariousness.

It is based on three main axes: reconciliation with oneself, reconciliation with the religious text and reconciliation with society.



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