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Moulay Abdeslam surrounded by fire hundreds of evacuated families

In the terrible fire that ravaged the Center Moulay Abdeslam hundreds of hectares of vegetation already went up in smoke in a short time, and this despite the efforts of the local authorities supported by members of the Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary forces, water and forest services and volunteers who continued interventions on the ground on Tuesday to contain the fire. The flames continue to spread, thus threatening more and more the population of the neighboring localities.

MoroccoLatestNews noted, on the spot, the arrival of new reinforcements in the area of ​​the disaster, in the wilaya of Larache. They came to support with fire engines, tank trucks, ambulances, transport vehicles and four Canadair water bombers and helicopters, to carry out field interventions to stop the spread of the fire. An official source told MoroccoLatestNews that the Moulay Abdeslam fire covered more than a thousand hectares, and these are only preliminary estimates pending the final assessment of the fire that broke out there. more than 36 hours.

To date, fires are still burning in most areas of the Moulay Abdeslam center, in particular in Tazourt and Beni Aârouss, the Menzla forest in the commune of Sahel, as well as near the douar Rmel in the commune of Zaâroura, and this despite the fact that teams from the Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie and the local authority were attacking the flames with water cannons.

According to data from MoroccoLatestNews sources, the fire moved towards the province of Tetouan, more precisely towards the forests of Beni Hassan, where two “Canadair” planes continued their interventions to control the fires which have been victims of the Moulay Abdeslam Center since yesterday monday. These fires forced the evacuation and displacement of dozens of families, particularly those residing in Douar Tazrout, Raml and Zaaroura.

The fire approached residential houses located next to the center of Moulay Abdeslam Ben Mchiche. Intervention teams made up of members of the Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces, the water and forest services and local authorities, as well as members of the Entraide Nationale and volunteers from the local population hard work was mobilized with the priority of helping those affected by the fires, particularly at the level of the community of Tazrout to contain the fire which ravaged vast hectares of wooded area.

Four FRA “Canadair” planes and Royal Gendarmerie helicopters are currently trying to contain the fires that have spread to large areas of the Larache region. The first efforts of the intervention teams, concerned with ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of the neighborhoods adjacent to the scene of the fires, enabled the evacuation in a preventive manner to deal with any possible risk of 500 families from their homes (10 neighborhoods) affected by the fire in the Bouhachem Jbel El Alam forest and 36 families in Douar Rmel.

According to the latest news, the fire recorded at the level of the forest of “Manzala has been circumscribed”, it will have ravaged about thirty hectares of forest cover. Fire crews were also able to contain 90% of the fire that broke out near Douar Rmel in the municipality of Zaâroura, while efforts continue to control four active outbreaks in the municipalities of Tazourt and Beni Aârouss. Fanned by strong winds, the situation is far from a return to normal and until today, these fires are still not yet contained. Response teams battling at least four active fires.




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