Moubdii and Lakhsem cases: Mohamed Ouzzine responds

Moubdii and Lakhsem cases: Mohamed Ouzzine responds

The People’s Movement (MP) party has recently been rocked by a series of scandals and cases affecting its members holding important positions. There is the case of Mustapha Lakhsem, mayor of Imouzer Kandar, who broke out in early April 2023, and where it is accused by the governor of the Sefrou region of ” defamation“. Then came that, even more resounding, of the former minister, Mohamed Moubdii, president of the commune of Fkih Ben Salah, accused of ” poor management of the affairs of the commune where he was elected, and squandering of public funds”.

Guest of the program “Liqaa MoroccoLatestNews”, the Secretary General of the MP, Mohamed Ouzzine, was kind enough to answer questions concerning precisely this succession of ” scandals having touched the members of his party.

Regarding the case of Mohamed Moubdii, Ouzzine felt that it was necessary to put all this in context, stressing that the deputy of the MP, ” is not the only president of the commune who has been heard by the courts, and who may even be tried in this case“. But what perhaps differentiates the Moubdii case from others, he felt, “cis his cap as a former minister, which caused controversy“.

We are in a country of Institutions. We respect justice. If there is a local management problem, the matter is in the hands of the courts. This does not bother us, on the contrary, we have confidence in our institutions. And for the moment, the verdict has not been pronounced. We are waiting. Once the judgment is pronounced, we will see if Moubdii is involved in the charges against him or not. At that time, we will have our say“, supported the boss of the MP.

And to add: Today Moubdii, as well as a group of presidents and municipal councillors, are heard by the courts on the issue of local management. It doesn’t bother us and shouldn’t bother us, because if we trust the institutions, and we trust the improvement of local management in a transparent way and with the aim of making political life more ethicalit should not bother”.

“Even if some wanted to ride the wave saying that there is a crisis within the MP. No way !“, sliced ​​Ouzzine, noting that for the moment, “ there is always the presumption of innocence. But when the verdict is pronounced, we will have (MP) our opinion on this case “.

Asked about the second case, that of Mustpha Lakhsem, Ouzzine felt that the ex-MRE (Germany) and former full-contact and kickboxing world champion did not do anything that affects local management, or to the public purse, but he just lifted himself up and expressed a reaction, rather spontaneous“, he clarified.

It was the first time that Lakhsem was involved in local management. He arrived with enthusiasm and good will, but sometimes he can be spontaneous“, he explained, expressing his wish that this spontaneity is not misinterpreted and exploited.

On the contrary, he considers spontaneity to be a positive aspect, because for him it means that the person expresses his opinions freely. Within the framework of this spontaneity, Lakhsem made statements that the other side saw as accusations that needed to be answered “, he explained.

In conclusion, Mohamed Ouzzine stressed once again that the affairs of Lakhsem and Moubdii were in the hands of justice. They (MP) will not rush and listen to what justice has to say. As he pointed out earlier, they have confidence in their institutions, and they will wait for the verdict to be pronounced before giving their opinion on these cases.


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