Morocco’s stance on Palestine is clear, dialogue with education unions is ongoing

Morocco’s stance on Palestine is clear, dialogue with education unions is ongoing

Moroccan government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas reaffirmed Morocco’s stance on Israel’s military attacks on Gaza, saying it is clear.

Baitas underscored that the position of the Kingdom of Morocco concerning the ongoing unrest in the region is clear and does not need any further explanation or interpretation.

Morocco’s stance regarding this issue is apparent in statements the Foreign Ministry has released, the most recent being the communication, calling for an urgent ceasefire adand the restoration of peace.

As to the topic of the fundamental education system, Baitas commented by stating that the optimal space and place to address problems related to this issue is the dialogue table.

He emphasized that dialogue with the unions is still ongoing, referring to the latest meeting held between the Head of Government and education unions earlier this week.

Regarding Morocco’s ambitious direct aid program, the official underscored that the new policy for underprivileged families is part of the government’s social state promise, mirrored in a number of programs the government has launched so far, including direct social support, generalizing social coverage, and direct housing aid program.

Speaking of the direct housing program, the government spokesperson said that the previous housing model, which used to exempt Moroccans from tax, did not make citizens feel the assistance provided by the state, underscoring that this will not be suitable for the future.

The direct housing program is done to strengthen the direct relationship between citizens and the government.

He emphasized that the government made sure that citizens’ application to institutions overseeing the aid program will be dealt with quickly.

Baitas said that the process of assessing the applications will take between one to two weeks maximum so that the requests are not delayed.

As to the Al-Houz earthquake victims, Morocco’s government spokesperson revealed that the operation to distribute the first installment (MAD 20,000) of aid intended for the reconstruction of totally or partially collapsed housing, will be made available to beneficiaries next Tuesday, with a view to supporting the progress of construction work.


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