Morocco’s House of Councilors condemns ‘collective punishment’ in Israel’s war on Gaza

Morocco’s House of Councilors condemns ‘collective punishment’ in Israel’s war on Gaza

The Moroccan House of Councilors expressed “deep concern” regarding what is happening in the Gaza Strip, as a result of the war launched by Israel against Palestinians, which has been ongoing since October 7.

The Council opened the first general session of the new legislative season by reading a statement regarding the current events in Gaza.

The Council “is following with deep and great humanitarian concern the tragic developments of the situation in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings, as a result of the dangerous escalation, which has resulted in a painful toll of civilians killed, wounded and displaced, in addition to the destruction of the Gaza Strip’s infrastructure and the deprivation of its residents of the most basic necessities for a safe and dignified life.”

In its statement, the Council considered that depriving the people of Gaza of the most basic conditions for a decent and safe life “contradicts the requirements of international law and international humanitarian law.”

The Council recalled “with pride the remarkable historical positions of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, in order to support the Palestinian people, and to ensure the preservation of the existing legal and historical status in the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Mosque.”

The Council “highly appreciated the Kingdom’s efforts within the framework of bilateral and multilateral relationship, consistent with international and Arab norms, to find a just solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the agreed upon two-state solution, where Palestinians and Israelis would be living side by side in security and peace.”

The Council considered that “the dangerous and unprecedented developments taking place in the region are the result of a blockage in the political horizon of the Palestinian issue, and are undermining the horizon of the two-state solution. Thus, it strikes at the heart of the chances of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

The statement affirmed “the renewal of the firm positions of the Kingdom of Morocco in support of the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, and its adherence to a just and comprehensive peace as an inevitable strategic choice for the peoples of the region who yearn for a safe and prosperous future.”

The Council expressed its “deep concern over the unprecedented escalation, and deep concern over the dire immediate and future repercussions it entails,” just as it expressed its “categorical rejection of harming and killing civilians and adopting methods of intimidation, starvation, denial of hospitalization, and other forms of collective punishment.”

“We call on the international community to work quickly to contain this conflict and establish a ceasefire to spare the blood of innocent people, and to spare the region as a whole from further causes of tension and tension that undermine the desired peace,” concluded the council statement.


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