Morocco’s government to create 30,000 new financial positions in 2024 bill

Morocco’s government to create 30,000 new financial positions in 2024 bill

Aziz Akhannouch’s government is set to bolster the public sector with a total of 30,034 positions to be established within the annual bill and strategically distributed across various government sectors.

The Ministries of Interior and National Defense are slated to receive 7,944 and 7,000 positions.

The details of this plan were revealed in the draft finance law, a document exclusively obtained by MoroccoLatestNews AR.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection will be allocated 5,500 financial positions, while the Ministry of Economy and Finance secures 2,600.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation is set to receive 2,349 positions.

Additionally, the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration will benefit from 1,000 new financial positions, with 450 positions going to the Supreme Council of the Judicial Authority, and 400 allocated to the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports will see 384 positions added.

Other ministries will also see an infusion of financial positions. The Ministry of Equipment and Water will have 250 positions in the 2024 budget, while the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water, and Forests will gain 210 positions. The Royal Court is set to receive 200 positions.

However, certain ministries will see a smaller allocation of less than 200 financial positions, such as the Ministry of Justice with 155 positions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad with 135 positions, the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication with 110 positions, and the Presidency of the Government with 135 positions. Several other government sectors will receive fewer than 100 financial positions.

The draft finance law also authorizes the Prime Minister to distribute 500 financial positions to various ministries and institutions, with 200 of them specifically designated for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the newly created financial positions, the Supreme Council of the Judicial Authority is establishing 250 financial positions reserved for judicial attachés who excel in the final examination and are appointed as judges in the judiciary.

An additional 250 financial positions are exclusively allocated to judicial attachés who held financial positions in the Ministry of Justice until December 31, 2023.

Furthermore, 300 financial positions are designated exclusively for judicial attachés who successfully passed the competition for judicial attachés before this date, with the budget of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Authority covering the associated expenses.

The project outlines that, following the administrative status settlement of those concerned, the financial positions they occupied in the Ministry of Justice will be eliminated. This includes the financial positions created in accordance with Finance Law No. 50.22 for the fiscal year 2023 to employ judicial attachés, which remained vacant until December 31.


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