Morocco’s gas potential increasingly promising

Morocco’s gas potential increasingly promising

The Kingdom’s gas potential is once again proving promising. Jersey-based oil and gas company Predator Oil & Gas has just announced a drilling update from the MOU-3 well which assesses the primary reservoir at Moulouya in the Guercif area. Two new potential gas reservoirs have been identified.

Predator Oil & Gas, whose short-term gas activities focus on Morocco, said it had discovered two potential new reservoirs of supercharged gas as part of its operation to drill the Moulouya MOU-3 well.

The presence of shallow supercharged gas and effective tight cap rock has identified two new potential gas reservoirs that were not known prior to drillingsaid Predator Oil & Gas Executive Chairman Paul Griffiths.

More importantly, he continues, the boosted gas validated the integrity of the shallow trap and identified a clear path for deep gas migration to the next six targets to be assessed by MOU-3. .

We are very encouraged by what we have found so far, and believe that at this early stage it is important in the context of our CNG development plans, but we remain cautious as we drill through a section that may or may not contain more boosted gas. However, this is already an exciting start for our shareholders as part of our drill and test programconcludes Griffiths.

In addition, the positive initial results obtained to date at shallow depth in the MOU-3 well will need to be evaluated in the context of the sequence of rigless well testing and preferred intervals for potential gas flow in the event of success.

This exercise, the company explains, will not be completed until the MOU-3 well has been logged and the logs have been analyzed to determine the zones with the best gas deliverability characteristics. Priority will be given to areas with high gas flow potential if confirmed by wireline logging results.

Furthermore, Morocco has significant gas potential which is growing thanks to the efforts made by the National Office for Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) and its various partners. Several announcements of gas field discoveries have been made in recent years by partner companies holding licenses in Morocco such as Predator Oil & Gaz, SDX Energy, Chariot Oil & Gaz and Sound Energy, among others. The results of these drillings turn out to be, indeed, very encouraging, even significant, being able to place Morocco at the forefront of the world energy scene.


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