Morocco’s donation of 100 tons of fertilizers to El Salvador arrives

Morocco’s donation of 100 tons of fertilizers to El Salvador arrives

A Moroccan shipment of fertilizer arrived at  port of Acajutla, located in the western reaches of El Salvador, Salvadoran media reported.

The reception saw the signing of a formal delivery certificate of the pivotal cargo destined to bolster the nation’s agricultural sector and which will be methodically distributed to local farmers in the near future.

Leading the proceedings was Brahim Baddi, the charge d’affaires of the Kingdom of Morocco in El Salvador. Accompanying him were Adriana Mira, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for El Salvador, and Óscar Guardado, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

In an address, Moroccan diplomat, Brahim Baddi, emphasized the profound symbolism of this delivery, highlighting its role in solidifying the diplomatic bonds between the two nations.

Adriana Mira took the opportunity to express the heartfelt appreciation of the Salvadoran government and its people, and said the fertilizer shipment stands as a beacon of hope for propelling the agricultural sector forward and driving the nation’s economic trajectory upward.

The collaboration between Morocco and El Salvador extends beyond this singular initiative. Notably, the two nations are engaged in a collaborative endeavor known as the “Integral Management of Territorial Development – Trifinio El Salvador Region.” Underpinned by cooperative funds, this project is dedicated to revitalizing the economic and social landscape of the Trifinio region, which is shared by El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Salvador affirmed last year, before the members of the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, its support for Morocco’s efforts to find a realistic, pragmatic and lasting political solution to the Sahara issue, in respect of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the Kingdom.

The country recently opened its Africa’s first-ever consulate in Rabat, Morocco.


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