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Morocco’s achievements at the Arab League summit in Jeddah

The “Jeddah Declaration” stressed the need to end foreign interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries and to completely reject support for the formation of armed groups and militias outside the framework of state institutions.

Indeed, Arab leaders have expressed their attachment and pride to Arab values ​​and culture based on “thee dialogue, tolerance, openness and non-interference in the affairs of others under any pretext“, while insisting on “lrespect for values ​​and cultures of others and respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of States.

The Arab leaders also affirmed that internal military conflicts will not lead to the victory of one party over another, but rather will exacerbate the suffering of the peoples and exacerbate the destruction of their achievements, and prevent the realization of the aspirations of the citizens of the countries. Arabs.

The Jeddah Declaration emphasized that sustainable development, security, stability and life in peace are inherent rights of the Arab citizen. This can only be achieved by intensifying and integrating efforts, firmly fighting crime and corruption at all levels. It goes without saying that to improve the security, stability and well-being of the citizens of Arab countries, it will be necessary to mobilize energies and capacities to create a future of creativity and innovation while keeping abreast various developments.

The “Jeddah Declaration” with regard to the political situation in the Arab region responds fully and in accordance with the principles of Moroccan diplomacy. Principles to which he has expressed his support and has always defended the need to adhere to them for all the countries of the League of Arab States. Today, it seems that these points have been recorded and come to confirm and strengthen Morocco’s position in this regard. The Arab countries having shown that they clearly support Rabat in the file of its territorial integrity and are against the repeated and bordering targeting which the Kingdom faces.

Moreover, Morocco can pride itself on having emerged as a complete winner from this Saudi summit. Indeed, the Kingdom has received a clear and unequivocal message of support from Arab leaders for the role of the Al-Quds Committee under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI, and the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Charif Agency for defense of the city of Al Quds and the cause of the Palestinian people, a message that expresses the appreciation of the Arab world for the great efforts made by Morocco and its King.

Arab leaders also expressed their attachment and pride to Arab values ​​and culture based on ” dialogue, tolerance, openness and non-interference in the affairs of others under any pretext l”, while emphasizing ” respect for values ​​and cultures ” of others, and “respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of States”, expressions that represent the undeniable affirmation of the Arab leaders to support the unity of the Arab countries, in particular that of the Kingdom.

The analysis made to MoroccoLatestNews by Doctor Khalid Chiat, professor of international relations at the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda, on the declaration of the Jeddah summit and the section “support for the unity of Arab countries and the rejection of all forms that promote separation, fragmentation and dispersion” is perhaps more apt, ” in accordance with the values ​​carried by the League of Arab States, these values ​​exist in Morocco, and they represent “an expression of spite for movements which claim the creation of States, as is the case of the separatist movement of the polisario”. For Doctor Khalid Chiat it is consistent with the values ​​that Morocco and the Arab countries hold and defend”.

That said, the Moroccan academic pointed out that Syria’s return to the League of Arab States took place within the framework of a ” consensus around these values ​​that supports unity and not support for separatist movements“, emphasizing that this return” is the fruit of the Saudi-Moroccan perspective, more than what Algeria called din a system hostile to the values ​​of unity and solidarity. Khalid Chiat indicated that “the Sovereign, as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, also represents, in addition to Morocco’s vision of the Palestinian cause and in particular in the question of Al-Quds Charif, that of the League of Arab Countries, Needless to say”.



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