Morocco unanimously elected Vice-president of the 78th session of the GA

Morocco unanimously elected Vice-president of the 78th session of the GA

Morocco was elected, in the person of the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, on Thursday, unanimously by the 193 Member States, Vice-President of the 78th session of the General Assembly of the UN. Morocco will hold this highly important position on behalf of the African continent from September 2023 to September 2024.

The General Assembly also elected the Permanent Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to the UN, Dennis Francis, President of the 78th session, as well as the other Vice-Presidents, representing the five regions of the United Nations.

Morocco’s election to the Vice-Presidency of the General Assembly reflects the Kingdom’s active role within the international organization, in accordance with the High Guidelines of King Mohammed VI.

Indeed, Morocco is a responsible country committed to the implementation of the three pillars of the United Nations: international peace and security, development and human rights. The Kingdom works in particular in the areas of maintaining and consolidating peace, the fight against terrorism, violent extremism and hate speech, and the promotion of international governance, human rights and gender parity.

This election is also an international consecration of Morocco’s substantial and constructive contribution both to the United Nations and within international forums.

The high-level week of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, whose theme will be announced shortly, will be marked by the organization of several major events within the multilateral organization. These include the High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, whose Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Morocco, is co-facilitating the political declaration that will be adopted on this occasion by the Heads of State and government.

Other high-level meetings are also scheduled during the week including the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, the High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development; the Climate Ambition Summit, the Ministerial Preparatory Meeting for the Future Summit, the High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage and the High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis.


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