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Morocco tops ICESCO heritage lists with 46 sites

The Islamic World Heritage Committee under the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) on Tuesday announced the inscription of 26 new historical sites and cultural items as heritage. pure Moroccan, on the final lists of tangible and intangible heritage in the Islamic world.

At its 10th meeting, the Committee announced the approval of the 26 files submitted by the services of the Heritage Department, under the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, with the aim of approving these elements in as pure Moroccan tangible and intangible heritage, said a press release from the ministry.

Thus, Morocco has inscribed 46 heritage elements on the ICESCO lists, in addition to 31 elements in the preliminary list awaiting approval at the next meeting, which places the Kingdom at the top of the ranking of the final list. tangible and intangible heritage in the Islamic world, followed by Libya (22 members), Mauritania (18), Tunisia (17) and Oman (15).

The cultural elements listed as Moroccan heritage with ICESCO are the know-how and customs associated with Moroccan couscous, the arts and know-how of the Moroccan caftan, the Moroccan “Melhoun”, the knowledge and practices of the “Mahadra”, the Saharan tent, Moroccan calligraphy, Moroccan culinary arts, the art of “Dekka Marrakchia”, the technique of “khettara” of Errachidia, as well as the Moussem of Assa and the Moussem of Moulay Abdellah Amghar.

It is also about the art of the traditional song of Tafilalt, the female song of Taroudant, the traditional techniques of water distribution, the “Guedra” dance of the Sahara, the decoration of silver ornaments from Tiznit, the techniques of the djellaba of Ouazzane, the dance of “Laâlaoui” of the Oriental, the music of “Al Aala”, the “felucca” of Essaouira, the pottery of rural women and the decoration on wood, hunting with the “Slougui”, the apiary of Inzerki in the Souss region, the “Zahria” of Marrakech and the brocade of Fez.

The ministry will work to include even more heritage elements as part of its policy to preserve Moroccan heritage in the face of the rise of certain illegal practices, the statement concludes.

The Islamic World Heritage Committee under ICESCO had announced the inscription of a total of 141 historical sites and cultural elements on the tentative and final lists of tangible and intangible heritage in the Islamic world.

A ceremony for the presentation of certificates of inscription on the lists of heritage in the Islamic world of ICESCO to the ambassadors and representatives of certain Member States of the Organization was also organized.




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