Morocco the Eldorado of German investments, targeted fiber optics

Morocco the Eldorado of German investments, targeted fiber optics

It is an undeniable fact that Morocco is emerging as a new “El Dorado” for German investors in various economic sectors. This situation, he owes it thanks to its massive investment policy in the transport and logistics sectors that the Kingdom has been conducting for more than a decade.

It is moreover within this framework that the Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany have joined forces in a pioneering partnership to launch an innovative project centered on the installation of fiber optic networks. It is expected that this collaboration will create many job opportunities, which will benefit some 9,500 people specialized in civil engineering.

The agreement was shaped during a meeting held in Geneva between Younes Sekkouri, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills of Morocco, and Hubertus Heil, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Germany. Discussions had focused on promoting greater cooperation in the area of ​​international labor mobility.

An opportunity for our young people in view of the excellent relations between Morocco and Germany. Indeed, the latter aims to attract foreign workers to counter labor shortages in the country’s labor market. The two ministers agreed on the need to establish a new generation of tripartite agreements to facilitate countries and individuals who wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by international mobility.

Recent legislative reforms concerning immigration, working conditions and foreigners’ access to employment have played a fundamental role in Germany and have consolidated German-Moroccan collaboration. The reform of German immigration laws aims to streamline immigration procedures and create a more welcoming environment for international workers.

Knowing that Germany is currently facing a major shortage of skilled labour, with projections indicating that the deficit could reach seven million by 2035. The two ministers expressed their satisfaction with the strong relations between both nations in multiple areas. They welcomed the prospects for future collaboration.

As a result, a working group composed of representatives from Morocco and Germany was formed to explore opportunities for cooperation in areas related to employment and economic integration. It is in this context that the pilot and immediate project to place 9,500 people in civil engineering relating to the installation of fiber optics was set up.

Moreover, it goes without saying that Germany is an important financial partner for the Kingdom and German direct investments have recorded an exponential increase since 2015. Indeed, according to data from the Deutsche Bundesbank, the stock of German direct investments increased from 213 million euros (2015) to 1.3 billion euros in 2020. This is how the number of German companies established on Moroccan soil would have almost doubled to reach 93 currently.

In reality, the increase in German investment has mainly been made possible by investments on both sides in the automotive, electronics and logistics sectors, sectors which will remain “essential in the future”. , according to media sources on both sides. The continuation of cooperation efforts between the two countries could also allow Morocco to benefit from German know-how in the sectors of digitization or ecological transition, a real added value for the Kingdom.

The current diplomatic context is also favorable for deep relations between the two countries. Witness the German support for Morocco’s proposal for an autonomous Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty to resolve the Saharawi conflict, which is an additional asset to further strengthen relations between the two countries.


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