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Morocco takes part in the International Economic Forum on Africa

Morocco participated, on Friday in Paris, in the 21st International Economic Forum on Africa, organized within the framework of the meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial level, under the theme “Africa and the New World Economic Order ”.

Morocco was represented by Noureddine Bensouda, Treasurer General of the Kingdom, at this Forum, which is an opportunity for OECD members to dialogue at a high level, but informally, with leaders, actors and decision-makers in Africa on many issues relating to the African continent.

“Morocco, through its participation in this forum, which was kicked off by Senegalese President Macky Sall, President of the African Union, wanted to mark the need for its presence on the international scene to convey its vision on several strategic subjects, in particular the questions of food, health and energy security for Africa and its populations”said Noureddine Bensouda.

It is also about issues related to the emancipation of women and the opportunities offered to young people so that women and young people are established as major factors in the economic and social development of the continent, he added.

As such, two major axes can be considered as opportunities to be seized in connection with everything related to renewable energies and digitalization, underlined Noureddine Bensouda, adding that these are sectors which can give investment opportunities and to see the emergence of new innovative, dynamic and job-creating companies.

This forum whose debates focused in particular on the themes of “the emergence of Africa in the global economy, what priorities?”, “Creating economic opportunities for African youth” and “Africa next frontier of ‘investment ?” was an opportunity, continued the Treasurer General of the Kingdom, to present to the various interlocutors the anticipatory actions implemented by Morocco under the enlightened direction of HM King Mohammed VI, in particular the strategy for the development of renewable energies.

Noureddine Bensouda also returned during the debates of this event organized by the OECD Development Center and the African Union, on the Kingdom’s successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular through the production and distribution of vaccines to several African countries and which is now cited as an example in the various international forums as well as the place occupied by women and young people in the various programs and strategic plans deployed by Morocco.

The Treasurer General of the Kingdom represents the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, at the meeting of the Council of the OECD at the level of ministers, which opened Thursday in Paris.

This meeting was an opportunity for Morocco to plead for the strengthening of economic cooperation between African countries and those of the OECD, taking advantage of Africa’s enormous potential.




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