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Morocco takes leadership on the African continent

The African conference on health risk reduction is currently taking place in Marrakech under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI. Speaking at a round table on the regulation of medical cannabis, an Israeli expert said he expects the Kingdom to be a pioneer in the field of the manufacture of medical products extracted from cannabis in Africa, after Morocco in has legalized its cultivation.

Yuval Simha Landschaft, director of the Israel Medical Cannabis Agency (IMCA), stressed that the Kingdom stands to benefit greatly economically and socially, in addition to treating the sick. The director of the IMCA presented his country as a leader in the medicalization of cannabis in view of the accumulated experience in the use of cannabis derivatives in the pharmaceutical industry. He said Israel was ready to cooperate with Morocco and exchange experiences in this area. “Israel is considered one of the leading countries in the use of cannabis in the medical field”and the country wants “support the use of cannabis by limiting it to medical use”explains the expert.

Yuval Simha Landschaft added that “ Israel’s principles are simple to understand. First, we are talking about medicalization and not legalization. But there is no medicalization without doctors. The latter will not prescribe plants without knowing the content”. He explained that Israel provides training for health professionals, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, to equip them with the knowledge necessary to provide quality medicines extracted from cannabis.“.

The Jewish state is continuing scientific research to develop production in this area, noting that his country has authorized its export in 2020. Israel. He added that the country also organizes trainings for farmers, in order to strengthen production and ensure production free from any substance harmful to human health,vsar it is not ordinary agriculture, but a crop from which medical products are extracted, and must meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

An experience from which Morocco has benefited“, affirmed Professor Redouane Rabii, president of the Moroccan Consultative Association for the Use of Cannabis (AMCUC) who indicates that “cThis last one had been collaborating for a year and it had helped in a lot of areas“. The professor also added that Morocco had all the qualities to succeed in the cannabis legalization project, with regard to sunshine, its geographical proximity to emerging European and African markets and an infrastructure of ports and airports that will facilitate the export process, in addition to the experience it has accumulated in the traditional cultivation of cannabis.



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