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Morocco stands out in heavy industries according to Ryad Mazour

Important steps have been taken by Morocco with regard to its sovereignty in a number of industries, including so-called heavy ones such as the aeronautics sector which aspires to achieve a better system at the competitive level.

In any case, this is what Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mazour suggested. Indeed, he revealed, during the presentation of the ministry’s draft budget to the Social Sectors Commission of the House of Representatives (PLF 2022), that 41% of aircraft components are manufactured in Morocco, and that the Kingdom aspires to a complete aviation industry. The aviation industry in Morocco because of Dame Covid was in difficulty and recorded during the period from January to September 2021, a drop of 87%, compared to the same period in 2019. A lesser evil when ‘ We know what the health crisis has created as damage to the aeronautics sector and in particular to aircraft purchases which have fallen dramatically.

However, the enthusiasm of Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mazour was not diminished since, based on the data presented, it is expected that the creation of 17,500 additional jobs in the aviation by the end of 2026, having already reached 11,627 at the end of last September. More down to earth we will say and in the field of the automotive industry, Ryad Mazour indicated that the Dacia Sandero, manufactured by the French group Renault in Tangier, is the best-selling car on the European continent. It is therefore, a shared cocorico.

The minister also praised the enormous progress made by Morocco in the field of the automotive industry. The Kingdom is in modernism and has devoted itself to fully electric cars, such as the production and assembly of the “Citroën Ami” designed and manufactured in Kénitra. The Minister of Industry and Trade affirmed that Morocco has a strong ambition to strengthen national sovereignty in this sector and specified that the number of Moroccan engineers working in the field of design and manufacture of electric cars had reached 3,800. This industry allowed the creation of 140,559 jobs at the end of September of the current year, and its export turnover amounted to 72.2 billion dirhams until the end of 2020. Ryad Mazour further clarified.




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