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Morocco-Spain: “We are going to fight with a warrior’s attitude”, says Walid Regragui

Morocco-Spain: "We are going to fight with a warrior

In the pre-match conference which will oppose Morocco to Spain in the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup, Tuesday, December 06, Walid Regragui spoke about the state of mind of the group ready to “fight with an attitude of warriors”.

“We can go down in history. It’s worth giving the maximum and having no regrets. It’s the most important match in our history but we also have to play down this match, so as not to miss it, ”he said, before adding:

“You have to understand: I did not say that we were going to win the World Cup even if it is our wish. But you have to dare to dream. If we tell ourselves we can’t, then how can we achieve our dreams? You have to have that ambition.”

Morocco is the last African country in the competition, Regragui is aware of this and knows that his team will do everything to make the Moroccan, Arab and African people proud.

“To be the last African country? We have nothing to lose. We will fight with a warrior attitude. We will raise our flag for our country, the Africans and the Arabs. I hope we will have their support tomorrow, ”he said.



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