Morocco-Spain relationship is “solid”

Morocco-Spain relationship is “solid”

Morocco and Spain are linked by “solid ties”, declared the head of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez. Since the two countries went through and resolved their major diplomatic crisis, relations between Madrid and Rabat have only evolved towards the positive and in a spirit of mutuality.

The President of the Spanish government has in this sense reaffirmed the solidity of the ties between his country and Morocco, a declaration which comes at a time when Spanish political circles are trying to use relations with Morocco as an electoral issue a few days before the legislative elections. anticipated.

Pedro Sanchez was therefore pleased with the dynamics of cooperation and the “strategic partnership” between the two Kingdoms, ensuring that “within the framework of Spanish foreign policy” these links with Morocco are “of all kinds, but above all human links created by our citizens and also by our companies”can we read in an article of the specialized magazine “Politica Exterior”.

“Spain is the first trading partner and the third largest investor in Morocco”recalls the head of the Spanish government in this article entitled “A responsible, committed and united country”.

In this regard, he welcomed the results of the last High Level Meeting (HLM), held on 1 and 2 February in Rabat, the first for 8 years, and which was crowned by the signing of a “twenty chords” in various fields of activity, several of which are complementary for the two economies.

“We will continue to promote a strategic relationship with Morocco, consolidating the roadmap agreed in 2022,” said Pedro Sanchez, praising the exemplary relations maintained with Morocco since his visit to Rabat and his meeting with King Mohammed VI.

After secretly hosting the head of the Polisario separatist militia, Brahim Ghali, Morocco and Spain entered into a serious diplomatic crisis which raised questions about Spain’s good faith and position on the Sahara issue. An unacceptable double game for Morocco, which insisted on clarifying its position in Madrid.

The major diplomatic dispute which has terrified Spanish political circles for almost a year was settled after a letter from the President of the Spanish government addressed to King Mohammed VI in which he expressed his attachment to the autonomy proposal as the solution more serious and capable of settling the Sahara issue.

Since then, the two countries have agreed to renew their relationship and move towards a partnership of equals, respectful, and based on permanent dialogue and consultation. This led to the two kingdoms later adopting a roadmap signed in 2022 to execute on this new relationship.


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