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Morocco/Spain on the same wavelength

Between Spain and Morocco, there is no shortage of economic, social, political and security commitments… to strengthen relations between the two countries. Energy cooperation among others is one of them, we only want to prove the reverse flow of gas using the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline.

But beyond this fact, Morocco and Spain are making steady and full progress in implementing the roadmap agreed between the two countries. As the energy sector is one of the main axes of the strategic partnership between the two countries, we can only be delighted with the meeting which will take place from June 6 to 8, between Spanish and Moroccan companies in the energy sector. which will take place in Casablanca to promote this collaboration and which will aim to develop renewable energies between Spain and Morocco.

It is because Morocco offers business opportunities and who better than companies in the Spanish energy sector to take advantage of them. The public tenders managed by the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) are there to coordinate the entire renewable energy strategy.

Also collaborations should emerge and benefit other private companies who respond to calls for tenders and who need equipment or materials as long as the Executive manifests itself.

Morocco has long been dependent on fossil fuels, especially compared to its neighbors Algeria or Libya. While embarking on prospecting and thanks to its favorable climatic characteristics, the Kingdom has become a potential supplier of energy for itself, but also for its northern neighbors, which will benefit Europe.

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and high-yield wind potential in the Atlantic, Morocco can take advantage of its privileged location to move towards energy independence, thus increasing its consumption in energy security and, at the same time, producing surpluses to be exported to Europe at a very competitive cost.

According to the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, MASEN wants to start a total of 20 solar power plants, as well as several wind power plants, which will allow it to reach 2,000 MW per year, in addition to the hydraulic dams that the country has, capable of to generate an additional 1,300 MW. The Kingdom intends to boost domestic and foreign investment in this sector in order to achieve the objective of renewable energies reaching 52% of the country’s total energy sources by 2030.

Spanish companies have great opportunities and Spain for solar energy is responsible for the design and construction of the fourth solar thermal power plant in Morocco and the third to use the parabolic technology of the first phase of Noor Midelt. It will provide clean electricity to more than a million people, at an estimated price of a quarter of what it costs today.

But let it be said, today, the Moroccan energy mix is ​​still far from the objectives underlying a green economy. As for the numbers, 37.5% comes from coal and 17.8% from petroleum derivatives, which means that more than half of its electricity production comes from fossil fuels. Renewable energies represent 37.1% (13.4% for wind, 11.9% for hydro, 7.6% for solar and 4.2% for reversible hydro). However, the Kingdom has set itself an objective, that of achieving 52% of electricity production from renewable sources by 2030. We are almost there.



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