Morocco shone in four international competitions

Moroccan inventors, members of the OFEED association, distinguished themselves this summer by winning 19 distinctions, including 10 gold medals, in four international competitions.

In Switzerland, Mohamed Yalouh obtained the gold medal for his invention “Aerial fluid disturbance method without parasitic loads for supersonic flight”, during the international competition of inventions and innovations for INV members of the International Federation of winter associations (IFIA), organized from July 18 to 20 and which saw the participation of 650 inventions from 35 countries and regions, said a press release from the Moroccan Association on Friday. During this competition, the President of OFEED, Majid El Bouazzaoui, was invited to contribute to the evaluation of inventions in collaboration with the international jury, except those from Morocco to avoid any conflict of interest.

In the United States, within the framework of the international exhibition of inventions and innovations American DAVINCI (AII) 2021, Moroccans Imad El Hana and Mohamed Yalouh won two gold medals, respectively, for their inventions “Sun Power Revolution” and “Aerial fluid disturbance method without parasitic loads for supersonic flight,” the statement added. This exhibition took place from August 11 to 13 at the initiative of the University of Southern Utah (SUU), the American Institute of Innovation and Invention (AII) and the Alliance international association of invention and innovation (IAIA) of which OFEED Morocco has been a founding member since 2017, with the participation of 125 inventions from 12 countries and regions. In Canada, during the international competition of inventions and innovations iCAN 2021 held on August 29 with the participation of more than 600 inventions from 70 countries and regions, the Moroccan Mustapha Oubouhouch won the gold medal as well as the prize of excellence for his invention “Underwater Free Breathing Apparatus”, according to the same source. As part of the IWA 2021 Innovation Week, organized from September 8 to 12 by OFEED Maroc, Moroccan inventors won 14 distinctions, including 6 Gold medals, a Silver medal and 5 Bronze medals.

The Gold medals were for the merit of Ammor Hassan, Er-Reguig Zakaria for their invention “Smart microcellular antenna in GSM 3G and 4G bands to combat cheating by mobile phone at exam centers”, Ammor Hassan and Karli Radouane for their project “ Innovative antenna array system in microstrip technology for early detection of breast cancer by microwave imaging ”, Ahmed Byah for his invention“ Conversion of heat energy stored in the atmosphere into electricity ”, Fatima Ezzahraa Bassi for“ Eco-responsible flooring ”, Alil Said for “Human body washing machine and technique of its realization” and Mohamed Taha El Ouaryachi and Oussama Nour for the invention “Wave Beat”.

Moroccan inventors Badre El Majid, Ambar Lebbadi and Saad Motahhir won a silver medal for their project “Hand sterilization pockets”, while 5 bronze medals were won by inventors Idris Abulhassan, Ibrahim Al-Omari, Adam Al -Omari, Walid Al-Omari and Khawla BomanTaha Al-Omari, Muhammad Al-Omari, Sumaya Al-Omari, Doaa Al-Omari and Anas Al-Omari for the invention “Generator of electrical energy by light and air current”, to Amine Belmzoukia “Automatic disinfection station for vehicles and passengers”, to Youssef Reteb “Automotive free energy”, to Monsef Bouslimi “BBI” and to Benmoussa Ali “VOLT Valve”.

In addition to the medals, Mohammed Rhachi won the International Award for “Excellence in Innovation and Leadership”, while Hassan Ammor was awarded the International Award for “Special Contribution”.



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