Morocco repatriates girl imprisoned in Iraq (DIDH)

 Morocco repatriates girl imprisoned in Iraq (DIDH)

The Moroccan girl (R.M), who was staying with her mother incarcerated in an Iraqi prison, was repatriated to Morocco on Monday morning, according to the interministerial delegation for human rights (DIDH).

This humanitarian initiative, which enabled the little girl to be transferred out of prison and repatriated to Morocco, was in response to the will of her family and with the agreement of her mother, the ultimate aim being to enable her to grow up in a healthy environment and appropriate conditions, the DIDH said in a statement.

During her trip, the little girl was accompanied by her aunt (A.A) and a social worker, added the same source.

DIDH expressed, on this occasion, its sincere thanks to the Iraqi authorities for their efforts to carry out this humanitarian initiative.

The Moroccan authorities have taken all necessary measures to guarantee the best interests of the girl (R.M.), through providing her with psychological, social and educational support and ensuring her integration into her new environment as well as into the educational system, the DIDH stressed.


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