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Morocco records 1 first case of Monkeypox

Morocco has recorded a first positive case of Monkeypox, the monkey pox, the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Thursday. The case was imported from a European country, say the health authorities.

“As part of the national vigilance and epidemiological surveillance system, and in application of its communication policy, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announces to the knowledge of public opinion that, on Thursday June 2, 2022, the first confirmed case of Monkeypox has been recorded,” the ministry said in a statement.

The same source specifies that it is a case from one of the European countries which was followed within the framework of the protocol established since the launch of the global health alert.

The ministry explains that the patient’s condition is “stable and not of concern” and that he is currently receiving health care and “being cared for in accordance with approved health procedures”.

The contact cases of this person are under surveillance in order to avoid the spread of the virus and to fall into the scenario of an epidemic. The ministry explains that these people show “no symptoms” at the moment and that measures will be taken in accordance with national and international health security standards.

In addition, Morocco has notified the World Health Organization and the officials of the International Health Regulations of the country of origin of the results of the analyzes and the presence of this case in the Kingdom.

“The Ministry of Health and Social Protection will continue to communicate with national public opinion, and to inform it of all developments, as it has done since the start of this global health alert,” the statement added.




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